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04 Dec. 2011

Mostly What Is Unsaid

Presented by Art Metropole, FUSE Magazine and Scapegoat Journal

Marco Scotini and Andris Brinkmanis will introduce No Order,
followed by a conversation with the editors.

Mostly What Is Unsaid is an open structure of public conversations initiated by Art Metropole, FUSE and Scapegoat, motivated by our shared conception of publishing as a political praxis, rather than a form of publicity or mere representation. Engaging in conversation amidst the monologue of the neoliberal status quo demands that we attend to gestures, hesitations and omissions as much as words. Through this programming series, we will pursue the critical role of the unspoken and the unspeakable across a spectrum running from the macro- to the micro-political. Within our respective practices, we construct publicly accessible, yet still precarious spaces of conversation. The series Mostly What Is Unsaid curates occasions to bring these discussions into a shared physical space, in order to bridge the gap between locations such as a shop, a magazine, or a journal and spaces of everyday life in the city.

Art Metropole is an artist-run centre that fosters structures of artist-initiated publishing in any media, especially those formats and practices predisposed to the sharing and circulation of ideas.

FUSE is a diverse community of visual and performing artists, educators, community workers, writers, activists, social thinkers, curators and other movers and shakers. Together we produce a quarterly magazine on art, culture and politics.

Scapegoat: Architecture | Landscape | Political Economy is an independent, not-for-profit, bi-annual journal designed to create a context for research and development regarding design practice, historical investigation, and theoretical inquiry.