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02 - 28 Aug. 2013

Nieves Zines and Innen Shop at Art Metropole

Window Project

Opening: Friday August 2, 7pm
Exhibition continues: August 2 – August 28, 2013

Presented in conjunction with Zine Dream, the annual small press art fair, running from August 2-4, 2013 at The Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto.

The exhibition project for Art Metropole’s window and shop will feature a full retrospective of Nieves Zines alongside a specially designed display of Innen Shop including an on-glass-installation in the window, based on a drawing by Little Warsaw.

Innen is an independent publisher promoting Hungarian and international contemporary artists including Little Warsaw, Akiko Watanabe, Shauna Toohey, Ed Templeton, Freundesfreundin, Salvatore Arancio, Alberto Valgimigli, Karen Ann Donnachie, Andy Simionato, Miroslav Tichý, Gerber Pál, Füredi Tamás, Masano Hirayama, Jocko Weyland, Liza Béar Misha Hollenbach, Peter Sutherland, and many more. Founded by Hungarian graphic designer Aaron Fabian in 2006, Innen has gradually gained attention with its uniquely charming zines and books.

In 2010, Innen launched Zug Magazine, a biannual collection of selected contemporary artworks. Zug proved to be a great bridge builder between Hungarian and foreign artists, and continually widens its audience by raising attention to novelty trends and offering unconventional perspectives. Issue themes include Collecting (#1), Obsession (#2), Space (#3), Liquid (#4), B&W (#5).

Innen has previously travelled to LABO (Geneva), I Never Read Art Book Fair (Basel), Zürcher Zine Sezession, Unter Dem Motto (Berlin), Zine* Fair Kunsthalle Wien,Tokyo CultuArt by Beams, MoMA (New York), Kiscelli Museum (Budapest), and more.
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Nieves was founded by Benjamin Sommerhalder in 2001 in Zurich with the aim of creating affordable, quickly made and simply distributed publications that could be published on a regular basis. The featured artists all have in common a hand-made approach to their work in drawing, illustration, photography and graphics. Over a hundred artists have contributed to the growing Nieves Zine Collection. Most of them long since out of print, the Nieves Zines includes issues by Anne Käthi Wehrli, Allison Schulnik, Spike Jonze, Ari Marcopoulos, Stefan Marx, Mark DeLong, Marcel Dzama, Chris Johanson, Laura Owens, Robin Cameron, Mike Mills, Harmony Korine, Masanao Hirayama, Miranda July, and many more. The zines are published sporadically in an edition of 100 copies, distributed to a handful of bookshops worldwide and quickly becoming collectibles. The exhibition will feature nearly 200 zines published by Nieves since 2004, making all of them available for reading.

The Nieves Zine Library has previously travelled to Hannah Barry Gallery (London), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein Hamburg, Message Salon (Zurich), Napa Gallery (Helsinki), No.12 Gallery (Tokyo), OMMU (Athens), Printed Matter (New York), and more.


3: Nieves Zine Library display, Stuttgart (detail).
4: Zug Magazine B & W #5 cover by Little Warsaw.

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  3. Nieves Zine Library display, Stuttgart (detail)
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