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05 Oct. 2007

Opening for Goin' Postal

Miles Collyer
7 pm - 10 pm

Between October 5th and November 24th, Art Metropole is pleased to present Goin’ Postal, an exposition of mail art organized by Miles Collyer. Please join us on Friday October 5th at 7 p.m. for the opening.

Harvested from private collections, Goin’ Postal, presents work that has never been exhibited, as mail-art is not destined for gallery exhibition. Instead, mail-art invites an intimate and exclusive exchange between artist and recipient; to exhibit mail-art is to highlight its intimate quality in contrast to formal means of public presentation. If the exhibition’s attraction is that it makes previously un-exhibited work available to the public, then its intrigue comes from the curatorial strategy.

Art Metropole is interested in what recipients have in their collections and the exhibition is predominantly culled from these personal museums. The curatorial approach for this exhibit is user-driven, not artist-driven, and has been constructed from the ground-up. It is the exchange that is paramount within the world of mail-art and Goin’ Postal.

Miles Collyer (born, 1983 in Toronto) is a visual artist whose practice is motivated by photo-based sources and issues relating to cultural identity. He studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design where he was the recipient of several academic scholarships and awards before graduating with a BFA in photography in 2006. After completing his undergraduate studies Collyer has gone on to receive further grants and awards for his work, most notably a Gold medal in 2008 from the Canadian National Magazine Awards in the category of Best Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article. His work has been widely published and exhibited across Canada, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and several curated exhibits online.


1: People checking out the show as Bill Burns blurs by.
2: Illustrated envelope by Peter Thompson addressed to Jason McLean, 1999.
4: Artist Multiple barons Ann Dean, Director of Art Metropole & Paul Petro ponder life.
5: Tim Fitzpatrick and Tonik also of Art Metropole, enjoying the opening party.

  1. Opening for Goin’ Postal
  2. Peter Thompson, Jason McLean
  3. Amy Lam - Super Seven Subscription Services issue #3
  4. Opening for Goin’ Postal
  5. Opening for Goin’ Postal