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28 Apr. 2011

Opening for Ryan Foerster's One-Two-Three-Four

Ryan Foerster
6 pm - 9 pm

Art Metropole is pleased to announce One-Two-Three-Four a new project by Ryan Foerster.

Foerster’s project ‘one-two-three-four’ connects printing plates, photographs and various found objects through an autobiographical narrative. The works on display have been salvaged from the tools, shops and processes utilized in the production of other materials. Some have been collected from direct actions Foerster made – producing zines with commercial printing plates, using photographic paper to clean a processor at a darkroom and others like slag taken from Sudbury mines after being separated from rocks to make nickel.

One-Two-Three-Four runs from Thursday April 28th until Saturday May 28th.

Ryan Foerster was born in Newmarket Canada and currently lives between there and New York. He’s previously had solo exhibitions at Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva 2010, Printed Matter, NY, 2009, Swiss Institute, NY, 2008 and White Columns, NY, 2007. He will be included in the upcoming exhibition Catalogue de l’Exposition / Catalogue of the Exhibition at Triple V in Paris organized by Bob Nickas.


1: Plate 2.
2: Plate 4.
3: Plate 5.
4: Plate 6.
5: Benches and printer's plates installed with slag fruit & vegetables in the entrance way at Art Metropole.
6: Leaning bench, slag, fruits & vegetables.
7: Ryan Foerster and friend Daniel Innes (of Pearl Harbor Gift Shop and Tattooing) talk as Yan Wu (Programming Director at Gendai Gallery) and Sarah Robayo Sheridan (Director of Exhibitions and Publications at Mercer Union), enters Art Metropole.
8: Ryan Foerster converses with Luis Jacob's about the slag installation.
9: Fruit and vegetables on a bench constructed from wood around Art Metropole's neighborhood, and printer's plates.
10: A display of Ryan Foerster's zines, available for sale.
11: Fruit & vegetables.
12: Slag.
13: Leaning bench.
14: Board member Janis Demkiw explores Ryan's zines.
15: Opening night readers.
16: Art Metropole fills with guests on opening night.
17: Hand made.
18: Opening night bench sitters.

  1. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  2. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  3. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  4. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  5. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  6. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  7. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  8. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  9. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  10. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  11. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  12. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  13. Ryan Foerster - One-Two-Three-Four
  14. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  15. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  16. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  17. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four
  18. Opening for Ryan Foerster’s One-Two-Three-Four