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13 - 29 Jun. 2013

Palimpsest at Art Metropole

What Do We Do Now Now We Wait

Journal Launch: June 13, 2013, 5-9pm
Installation: June 13-29, 2013

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What Do We Do Now Now We Wait is an exhibition catalogue produced ahead of its corollary exhibition: a series of texts generated between 2012 and 2013, originally published for presentation at Friends of Freiheit in North Adams, Massachusetts (2012). WDWDNNWW, in this final installment, attempts to offer a cross section of the expanding collection: one possible reading of a continuing state of indecision.

The window display at Art Metropole uses these texts as a guiding methodology. Included are four black-and-white banners designed by Jacqueline Lachance and paper mulch bricks composed of publications collectively produced and destroyed by Palimpsest. Palimpsest Launch and Installation

“Here’s what I think is wrong with boring people to no purpose. It’s not just that it corrupts their attention, makes them less capable, in other words, of being patient with important things that require a tolerance, to some greater purpose, of some boring time. The real danger lies, I think, in this: that boredom has to do intimately with power. One has only to think of hypnosis, of being mesmerized. Monotony, as a literal method of enthrallment. So this claim to find art in boredom, for its own sake or as one of the modes of alienation, is not simply a misunderstanding, which finds it avant garde enough to stupefy. Deliberate, pointless boredom is a kind of menace, and a disturbing exercise of power. Of course, that is not always our problem here.” (Renata Adler, Pitch Dark). “Work is the blackmail of survival.”

Palimpsest is a platform for publishing and exhibition-making founded in Montreal in 2009. Palimpsest has previously organized exhibitions with Friends of Freiheit, North Adams, Massachusetts, Khyber ICA, Halifax, and DHC/ART Project Room, Montreal. Its members are Danielle St. Amour, Tess Edmonson, Willie Brisco, Jacqueline Lachance, Craig Fahner, and Arianne Di Nardo.

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