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10 Nov. 2011

Publication launch for The Coming Envelope and Le Merle

BookThug Press
Malcolm Sutton
François Lemieux
7:30 pm
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10 Nov. 2011
Screening for Andrew Norman Wilson's Workers Leaving the GooglePlex

Art Metropole is please to announce a screening of Andrew Norman Wilson’s Workers Leaving the GooglePlex at 7:30 on Thursday, November 11th.

Workers Leaving the GooglePlex investigates a marginalized class of workers at Google’s international corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. As Andrew Norman Wilson documented the mysterious “yellow badge” Google workers, who scan books, page by page, for Google Book Search, he simultaneously chronicled the complex events surrounding his own dismissal from the company. The reference to the Lumière Brothers’ 1895 film Workers Leaving the Factory situates the video within the history of motion pictures, suggesting both transformations and continuities in arrangements of labor, capital, media, and information.

Please joing us to clelebrate the launch of two new publications The Coming Envelope and Le Merle. The launch starts at 7:30 pm on Thursday November 10th.

The Coming Envelope is BookThug Press’s (Toronto) semiannual publication of experimental prose, edited and designed by Malcolm Sutton. Issue 4 includes new work by Aaron Kunin, Rebekah Rutkoff, Jeramy Dodds, Andrew Norman Wilson, and Mathieu Arsenault.

Le Merle is a new semi-annual journal based out of Montréal combining texts by artists and writers interested in the political and its nuances. Edited by François Lemieux, the first issue includes work by Jacob Wren, mark, Oriol Villanova, Marc G. Couroux, Érik Bordeleau and Hans Haacke. The journal is published in both French and English.

BookThug’s publisher Jay MillAr is a poet, editor and publisher who has been actively involved in the Canadian experimental poetry community for the past fifteen years. He is the author of five books, published by Coach House Books, Nightwood Editions, Mercury Press, and Snare Books; the co-editor of the magazine BafterC; and the propreitor of the online/itinerant bookstore Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe.

BookThug’s publisher Jay MillAr began publishing chapbooks in 1992, under the name Boondoggle Books. Boondoggle was partially modeled after blewointment press, founded by Canadian experimental poet and publisher bill bissett. Eleven years later, MillAr transformed Boondoggle Books into BookThug, publishing both trade books and chapbooks, all in the tradition of experimental literature.

BookThug’s editorial vision is to enrich and advance the tradition of experimental literature. All manuscripts are evaluated for their artistic merit and their ability to continue the ‘conversation’ about experimental literature. In other words, every manuscript must display an awareness of the intellectual and artistic tradition which preceded it, while then stretching the concepts further, responding to today’s philosophical, scientific, political, and aesthetic environment.

BookThug seeks to publish innovative books of poetry, prose and creative criticism that extend the tradition of experimental literature. Specifically, BookThug aims to:

  • Publish emerging writers whose work is innovative
  • Provide an opportunity for established writers to publish experimental works
  • Educate writers and readers about the tradition of experimental literature, thereby stimulating the creation of new books and building an audience for those books
*Make these books available through mainstream channels as well as targeted publicity strategies *Design books with attention to the aesthetics of the physical book object

Malcolm Sutton is a Toronto-based writer, editor and book designer. He is the editor and designer of The Coming Envelope, BookThug Press’s journal of experimental prose. His present projects include an ongoing collaboration with artist François Lemieux in a performance/text work called 1001 Xanadus, and a fiction manuscript on the theme of pedagogy entitled Scenes from a Failing Horizon.

François Lemieux obtained a bachelor‘s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Concordia University and then completed an MA in Visual Arts at UQAM. He lives and works in Montreal. He is also the founder of WE LEFT THE WARM STABLE AND ENTERED THE LATEX VOID (WLTWSAETLV) (2008-2010).

Since 2006, François Lemieux has developed a practice relating to art, design and architecture. His work explores and comments on the economy, the relationship between the material object, the conditions of its production and the context of its display and reception.