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May - 15 Jul. 2004


Market Stall, by Scottish artist Ross Sinclair, is a retail stand selling “I Love Real Life” merchandise – mugs, hats, buttons, keychains, pens, etc. The Stall will be set-up at various corners throughout the city over the course of the exhibition. When not on the street you will find the stand in Art Metropole’s front gallery space, along with documentation of the stall in action.

The stand was set-up in Kensington Market on Saturday May 15, 2004 in front of James Carl’s Balcony project, 183 Augusta Avenue, which is also featuring a work by Ross Sinclair. Stay tuned for other locales or come by Art Metropole to see the merchandise!


1: A passerby examines the merchandise.
2: A young shopper holds tight to her purchase.
3: John Sasaki, the engineer of the stall, stands proudly with his handiwork.

  1. boyatbooth
  2. girlwithmug
  3. sasakiwithbooth