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02 Mar. - 16 Apr. 2016

S.A.W. Book by Sean MacAlister

Sean MacAlister
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05 Mar. 2016
S.A.W. Book by Sean MacAlister - Opening Event

Visit Art Metropole on Saturday March 5 from 3-5pm to meet Sean MacAlister and to spend some time with his his 100 pound book displayed in the window project space for the month of March.
Facebook event here.

S.A.W. Book is the product of Sean MacAlister’s recent project, Standard Auto Wreckers, 2013-2015, which began as an afternoon walk in an automotive scrapyard in Scarborough, ON and evolved into a year-long photo-documentation mission. The resulting 11,458 photographs later became a floor-based installation in the basement of 87 Wade Avenue, Toronto where they were presented to exhibition visitors to be walked upon and interacted with in any way that suited them.

Over 11,000 leftover C-prints from that installation are repurposed to create S.A.W. Book, an oversized sculptural book. Clear packing tape is used to laminate and bind the same 4×6 photos that originally covered the gallery floor into a 315 page, 100 lbs. tome that measures 36” x 24” x 6”. It will be available for viewing in the Art Metropole window space for the month of March, 2016.

S.A.W. Book
Sean MacAlister
Distressed C-prints, clear packing tape
36” x 24” x 6”

Sean MacAlister is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who has maintained a studio practice since 2009. His conceptually rigorous projects rely on an experimental process beginning with the direct observation of situations, forms, or experiences, then drawing out and exploring the inherent ambiguities found therein. Ultimately, he presents his results utilizing a strategy split between intervention and reportage.

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  2. Standard Auto Wreckers, 2013-2015 by Sean MacAlister
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