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10 - 30 Apr. 2014

Slide Shows

Produced by Fillip

Slide Shows is a series of video self-portraits hosted on Tumblr, initiated in 2012 by French curator Charlotte Cheetham in conjunction with Fillip’s Institutions by Artists conference.

The slideshows exhibit portraits of publishers, artists, designers, booksellers and others working in the contemporary field of independent art and design publishing. The successive images relate to the sequential rhythm of the pages of a book, giving form to one possible look at the field. The familiar, nostalgic format of the slideshow is well suited to present these characters and their texts. This staged space for narrative and informative display can be freely visited, alone on a computer, or in a less intimate space with others. Each contributor unveils their stories, their realizations, their archives…

Following the printed teaser that was inserted into Fillip #18, the project will culminate in a printed volume that will document each slideshow.

The full collection of slideshows will be screened on two monitors in Art Metropole’s window, one facing towards the street on the outside, one towards the shop on the inside, featuring Archive, Gareth Long, Erik Kessels, International Typographical Union (I.T.U.), David Horvitz, OEI, Wendy Yao, Eva Weinmayr, split/fountain, among many others.

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