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12 Dec. 2019

Solstice Typo

Gifts by Artists fundraiser

Please join us for this year’s Gifts By Artists exhibition and sale!⁠

Feast your festive eyes upon unique delights from contributors: ⁠

Adrienne Crossman ⁠
Ben Freedman⁠
Mike Goldby⁠
Nicole Killian⁠
Anna Kovler⁠
Shevon J. Lewis⁠
Sydney Madia⁠
Connor Olthius⁠
Dana Qaddah⁠
Lucas Regazzi⁠
Jillian Kay Ross⁠
Ron Siu⁠
Maximilian Suillerot⁠
Nurielle Stern⁠
Carson Van Vliet⁠
Marika Vanderkraats⁠
And more!⁠

A result of pupil dilation, or just a classic temporal Orator Temple spoonerific-switcheroo? Though the Solstice is on the 21st, Art Metropole invites you on December 12th for our classic, our carnivalesque GIFTS BY ARTISTS. Slough off adherence to universal time, link arms with yer stargazing sisters, and skip over to spot a gift when the sun isn’t lowest. ⁠

DJ Marilyn Mansion swabs the decks⁠

Artist libations designed by Dean Baldwin⁠

Online catalogue featuring copy by Fan Wu + Benjamin de Boer.

  1. Solstice Typo