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01 Jan. 2005

song drawings / paintings 1996-2005

by Dave Allen
Dave Allen

Photocopied artist’s book with accompanying photocopied acetate projection insert
limited edition of 100, 100 pp., 21.5 × 28 cm., paper, b/w – $25.00

Art Metropole presents the fourth instalment of our ever popular photocopied Bootleg Series of artists’ books.

Dave Allen brings together a collection of his “song drawings/ paintings”. Each drawing consists of a page of idiosynchratic chord annotations and lyrics – essential instructions for how a guitarist is to play a particular popular song in a prticular style. As well, a section of the book consists of song drawings by friends and the public (submissions requested during exhibitions).

Allen’s work is primarily based on the myths and realities of popular modern music, with respect to personal identity, culture and creativity. His practice encompasses music, video, and performance.

Dave Allen (Glasgow, UK) currently lives and works in Berlin, where he co-edits the Berlin art fanzine Neue Review and plays in the Berlin-based pop band Dominique. Allen received his MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 1994, attended Cal Arts in 1993, and has exhibited internationally since 1989. Past exhibitions include Hee-Haw Cries the Young Komponist Dave Allen at The Showroom, London UK, 2001; Jammed at Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, 2003; and Club Transmediale 05, Berlin.