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30 Nov. 2001

Bootleg Series: Sonic Death #1-7

Todd Alden
Sonic Youth and Kim Gordon
6 pm - 10 pm
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h1.The Bootleg Series #1

Art Metropole launched Sonic Death , Complete Issues 1-7 at a party on the evening of Friday, November 30th.

Sonic Death is the first in the quick and dirty “Bootleg Series”. The original issues were self-published and distributed beginning in the early 1990’s. Contents include band news, record reviews, fan contributions, hate mail, interviews with notable musicians, tour diaries, drawings, prose, comics, and special mail order offers.

Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations was a traveling exhibition organized by New York City’s Printed Matter and curated by Todd Alden. The exhibition consisted of ephemera and printed matter either produced by, or in collaboration with, the popular New York City musical collective, Sonic Youth. Materials such as concert flyers, posters, zines, writings by band members (including Kim Gordon’s project for FILE Megazine); artist books by Lee Ranaldo, and of course record and compact disc designs. Collaborators include many visual artists, among them Mike Kelley, Raymond Pettibon, Gerhard Richter, James Welling, Richard Kern, Dan Graham, John Knight, Lydia Lunch, Christian Marclay, Rodney Graham, Yoko Ono and Jeff Wall. The work spans a period of approximately 20 years, from the inception of Sonic Youth to the present.

Alden Projects™ proposes a different kind of commercial gallery model: it is an exhibition, research, and publishing enterprise dedicated to presenting compelling contemporary art along side recent, historical art and its supplements.


1: Andrew James Paterson and Lisa Deanne Smith .
2: Amanda Ross and Rashi Hargovan.
3: Rawbrt and Luis Jacob.
4: Shauna and Matt.
5: Jim Munroe, Sandy Plotnikoff and Dave Dyment.
6: Klint Roenish and Peggy Gale.
7: Michael Buckland, James Carl and Tracy Nakayama .
8: Natalie Devito and Elaine Bowen.
9: Alex Snukal.

  1. Sonic Death #1-7
  2. Sonic Death #1-7
  3. Sonic Death #1-7
  4. Sonic Death #1-7
  5. Sonic Death #1-7
  6. Sonic Death #1-7
  7. Sonic Death #1-7
  8. Sonic Death #1-7
  9. Sonic Death #1-7