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Oct. - 30 Nov. 2001

Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations

curated by Todd Alden
Todd Alden

Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations was an exhibition of ephemera and printed matter either produced by, or in collaboration with, the popular New York City musical collective, Sonic Youth. Materials exhibited include concert flyers, posters, zines, writings by band members (including Kim Gordon¹s project for FILE Megazine); artist books by Lee Ranaldo, and of course record and compact disc designs.

In addition to their own self-generated materials, Sonic Youth has a long history of collaborating with many visual artists, among them Mike Kelley, Raymond Pettibon, Gerhard Richter, James Welling, Richard Kern, Dan Graham, John Knight, Lydia Lunch, Christian Marclay, Rodney Graham, Yoko Ono and Jeff Wall.
The work spans a period of approximately 20 years, from the inception of Sonic Youth to the present.

Art Metropolehas published “Letter From NYC” by Sonic Youth in the fall of 2000 as the 20th and final issue of The Little Cockroach Press. Ask for your free copy!
Sonic Matters, Sonic Collaborations is a touring exhibition organized by Printed Matter, New York.
Our special thanks go to David Platzker and the crew at Printed Matter for making this exhibition possible.

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1: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
2: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
3: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
4: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
5: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
6: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
7: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
8: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations.
9: Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations 1.

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