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01 Jan. 2003

SOUNDCAN by Marla Hlady

Marla Hlady

SOUNDCAN is a sound work as well as a record/playback device, built into a large stainless steel salt shaker.

SOUNDCAN is a 2 minute sound work:
each sound work is unique, made with the CAN itself.
Analog audio has been recorded to digital allowing you to play your sound work endlessly. This digital audio technology is most familiar in musical greeting cards and answering machines. Each 2 minute sound work has been broken down into many audio segments. These audio segments are played back one after the other. Playback features include ‘play/pause’, ‘stop/reset’ and ‘loop’. The ‘loop’ feature allows the first segment to repeat endlessly.

SOUNDCAN is a recording device:
SOUNDCAN comes equipped with a separate blank, 2 minute audio chip and a small microphone.

Marla Hlady is a Toronto based artist who has exhibited extensively in Canada and Europe. Her most recent solo exhibitions include:
Shelf Works, Neutral Ground, Regina, SK, 2002
Drawing Sound, The Gallery, University of Toronto, Toronto, 2001
Marla Hlady, Power Plant Gallery, Toronto

Marla Hlady is a celebrated sound artist and kinetic sculptor. Her pieces deal with the nature of sound, often materializing it for viewers and reorienting their connection to everyday auditory experiences. Hlady received a BFA from the University of Victoria and an MFA from York University. She began showing in the early 1990s, eventually being included in several national and international group shows, such as 1996′s “Blink” at Toronto’s Power Plant. (In 2001, the same gallery hosted a solo show of her work.) Hlady’s practice developed in scope and ambition through the 2000s; 2008′s Playing Piano was a player piano from the 1920s intricately modified with contemporary machinery. In 2012, Hlady did a number of site-specific projects for her solo show at Hallwalls in Buffalo, New York, and for a residency in Norway. Hlady was nominated for the 2002 Sobey Art Award and her work is in the collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada. Hlady lives and works in Toronto.


SOUNDCAN by Marla Hlady.

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