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10 Dec. 2015 - 09 Jan. 2016

Squiggle Pendant

Sarah Nasby’s window installation at Art Metropole is centered around the artist’s new multiple, Squiggle Pendant. Squiggle Pendant is seen by the artist as a collaboration with the digital drawing program, Adobe Illustrator. The project started as a line drawing in Illustrator with the artist allowing the program to influence the direction of the line as she drew. The irregular shape of the pendant is created by a combination of the artist’s free hand drawing and the perfection of the Bézier curves programmed into the Illustrator drawing tool. The drawing was then extruded, 3D printed and cast in sterling silver. Nasby’s interest in treating Illustrator as a collaborator grew out of using the program to generate forms for the sculptures that accompany the Squiggle Pendant in the window at Art Metropole.

Sarah Nasby is an artist working primarily in sculpture and drawing. She received an MFA from NSCAD University and a BA from the University of Guelph. Her work has been shown recently in Para//el Rooms at DNA Artspace, London; Taking [a] part at Mercer Union, Toronto; Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green? at the Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina. She lives and works in Toronto.

  1. Squiggle Pendant