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06 - 28 Feb. 2015

Swimmers Group Spring Season 2015

06 Feb. 2015

Swimmers Group is a counter current. While the speed of information flows faster everyday there are many artists, writers, and poets that are challenging the rush of data and adopting the book as a radical format, as a pensive thoughtful gesture to reclaim autonomous time amid the perpetual blurring of boundaries.

The process of developing new projects is a constant flux of collaboration and conversation. Some of the artists we are fortunate to be working with include Sarah Sands Phillips, Joey Haley, Shayne Ehman, Nicholas Pye, and Marvin Luvualu Antonio.

Projects arriving soon include the second issue of “The Four Poets”, where four poets are given twenty pages each to curate and compose as they wish. The initial issue was a stellar hit, and we are eager to continue to expose poetry to new audiences.

Another project that has been slowly accumulating over the past year is a self-contained collection of independent zines tentatively titled “Colleczine”. This unique project will take form as a binder enclosing 24 individual zines. These artists are some of the most dynamic individuals working today and the collection as a whole reflects the formal and conceptual concerns of a new generation of Canadians. The list of artists includes: Jen Aitken, Shauna Born, Georgia Dickie, Jessica Groome, Colleen Heslin, Hanna Hur, Laura McCoy, Sandra Meigs, Alicia Nauta, Susy Oliveira, Emy Skensved, Nikki Woolsey and more.


2: Panel from Matt Thurber's " "Art Comic 1". Matt Thurber.

  1. Swimmer’s Group Colleczine
  2. Art Comic 1, detail.