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Dec. 2020 - 12 Jan. 2021

Technical Difficulties

Gifts by Artists

In a typical year, right around now, Art Metropole would be announcing its annual Gifts by Artists fundraiser, a special year-end gathering and sale of accessibly-priced artists’ editions produced with gift-giving in mind. This being anything but a typical year, we’ve decided to go about things a little differently.

Art Metropole is pleased to announce Gifts by Artists: Technical Difficulties, a special fundraiser sale of editions designed to inhabit the digital devices you use everyday; zoom backgrounds, phone wallpapers, screensavers, and the like. Technical Difficulties features works by artists Steven Beckly, Patrick Cruz, Sarah Davidson, Julian Hou, Dainesha Nugent-Palache, Philip Ocampo and Benjamin de Boer, Sophia Oppel, Alison Postma, Miles Rufelds, Kathy Slade, Emma Welch, Xuan Ye, Kendra Yee, and Shaheer Zazai.

Click here to view and purchase works in Gifts By Artists: Technical Difficulties

  1. Technical Difficulties