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01 Jan. 2002

This Is the Salivation Army

A compilation by Scott Treleaven

Art Metropole presents the third instalment of our exceptionally popular photocopied Bootleg Series of artists’ books.

This Is the Salivation Army is edited by Scott Treleaven to include representative content from all eight issues of his zine, originally published in Toronto from 1996-1999.

New contributions by Michael Barker, GB Jones, and Paul P. have been added, along with an inspirational foreword by Genesis P-Orridge titled “Freedom Ov Salivation: A Discourse On Being Radiqueer”. Treleaven provides a new introduction and a full printing of his script from the 9th official and final issue of the zine, “The Salivation Army” film.

This Is the Salivation Army was created and distributed as a record of and manual for independent explorations of new and better ways to coexist. It intelligently countered conventional habits and social structures with words and images of wolfboys, queerpunks, radicalism, love, magick, blood, and spunk. Treleaven¹s honesty and generosity is apparent on every page, overflowing with the results of his inclusive embrace. Communities such as this are unique and precious to anyone fortunate enough to have participated first hand, and offer a valuable model for latecomers beginning their discovery with this compilation.

Available as a regular edition, and as a limited edition of 10 signed, numbered and dated copies including an NTSC VHS videocassette copy of “The Salivation Army” film.
134 pp., 21.5 × 28 cm., paper, b/w

$25.00 regular edition
$40.00 special edition, signed, numbered and dated with VHS videotape

This book follows Art Metropole¹s Bootleg #1, Sonic Death Issues 1-7, a reprint of Sonic Youth¹s independently published zines, and Bootleg #2, G.P.O. v G.P-O, a reprint of the 1976 book containing documents and correspondence surrounding Genesis P-Orridge¹s British court battle concerning the censorship of his mail art postcard practice.


1: THIS IS THE SALIVATION ARMY A compilation by Scott Treleaven.
2: THIS IS THE SALIVATION ARMY A compilation by Scott Treleaven.

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