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18 - 20 Oct. 2019

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Art Metropole is pleased to announce its participation in the 2019 Vancouver Art Book Fair (VABF).

Free and open to the public, VABF is a multi-day celebration of artists’ publishing featuring over one hundred local, national and international publishers, as well as a diverse line-up of programs, performances and artists’ projects.

Featured artists travel to Vancouver from across Canada and the globe, and produce everything from books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera to digital, performative or other experimental forms of publication.

Canada’s first art book fair, VABF is the longest-running international art book fair in the country and on the West Coast. In 2019 the event is anticipated to attract more than 5,000 visitors from across the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond.

Since its inception over a decade ago, VABF has operated as a volunteer-run, grassroots organization. It has paid CARFAC-rate fees to presenters since 2013, was able to pay its first modest honorariums to fair organizers in 2014 and managed to create a few independent contractor fees as of 2016—and the organization continues to grow and mature.

Founded by Tracy Stefanucci in 2006, countless people have dedicated an immeasurable number of hours shaping and building the organization and its projects. While it would be impossible to name everyone, we’d like to express immense gratitude to some of the volunteers who shaped and built the organization through its various incarnations: Jaclyn Arndt, Bridgette Badowich, Stephane Bernard, Kristin Cheung, Sarah Ellis Clark, Lisa Curry, Sylvana d’Angelo, Sarah Davidson, Pete Florentini, Jake Tobin Garrett, Vinny Gibson, Jaz Halloran, Asia Harvey, Julia Dahee Hong, Sarah Husain, Emilia Kalka, Jeff Khonsary, Michael Lee, Megan Low, Jessie McNeil, Jen Neale, Christy Nyiri, Shannon Rayne, Jenny Shipper, Tracy Stefanucci, cheyanne tourions, Melanie Trojkovic, Emma Walter, Lauren Wetmore, Erica Wilk, and Ken Yong.

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