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09 Nov. 2017

Vida Beyer - "No Chill"

Vida Beyer

Please join us for the launch of Vida Beyer’s new window installation for Art Metropole, “No Chill”, on display from Nov 9 – 30, 2017.

“No Chill” explores discomfort with normative notions of success and “having it together”, particularly while being in public. A boutique of sorts, Beyer’s installation displays giant and impractical statement bags, rude t-shirts and uncertain objects. The body of work is loosely inspired by the popular 1997 movie, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

Romy and Michelle choose to attend their 10-year high school reunion to prove that they are way cooler than they were in high school. Ashamed that they don’t have cool jobs or boyfriends, they decide to use their imagination and fashion design savvy, showing up to the reunion dressed as high-powered businesswomen claiming to have invented post-it notes. Though they are ultimately exposed as phonies in a moment of humiliation and vulnerability, they determine to embrace themselves as silly, unconventional people. The film ends with Romy and Michelle opening a Melrose boutique for their own fashion line.

Opening Reception – Nov 9, 5-7pm

Vida Beyer is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates sculpture, drawing, writing, performance and set design. Her work has been exhibited at XPACE Cultural Center, The Khyber, as a part of Doored (a comedy art variety show hosted by Life of a Craphead 2012-2017) and The Rhubarb Theatre Festival.


"We are All Limited People" + " Dance Like You've Never Been Hurt, Love Like You Don't Need The Money, Work Like No One's Watching". Vida Beyer.

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