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22 Sep. 2012

VSVSVS Moves Out

Closing Party
4:00pm - 6:0
In this Series

15 Aug. - 22 Sep. 2012
VSVSVS Moves In: Infiltration and Window Project

Sat., Sept. 22, 4-6pm
Art Metropole
1490 Dundas Street West

The members of VSVSVS are wrapping up their infiltration and habitation of Art Metropole with a farewell party.

The prolific output from the month-and-more stay in the Window Space will be presented and discussed.

We are VSVSVS (pronounced versus versus versus), a seven-person collective and artist-run centre based out of a warehouse in the portlands of Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 2010, our activities encompass collective art making, a residency program, a formal exhibition space, and individual studio practices. Our collective work focuses on the collaborative production of multiples, drawings, video works, sculpture, installations, and performance. An open framework allows each of us to play to our own interests and ends, while contributing to a common goal. Working with seven heads is an experiment in being together too much and making things constantly.


Current members include: Anthony Cooper, James Gardner, Laura Simon, Miles Stemp, Ryan Clayton, Stephen McLeod and Wallis Cheung.


The VSVSVS warehouse is a 3000 square foot building divided into studio space, a fully furnished wood shop and a gallery.