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Wish Lists - Jackie Linton

Wish Lists by Artists

Jackie Linton is A Toronto born, San Francisco-based writer. She is also the Publisher of Bad Day, a Canadian biannual arts and culture magazine.

Bags on Bags
Art Metropole Tote
Sara Cwynar


“Right now I’m living in a city that has outlawed plastic bags, and I find myself missing them. It’s been a hot-button topic here in San Francisco since Chapter 17 of the Environment Code passed in 2013. So, I appreciate the tongue-and-cheek nature of this tote. It features images of old shopping bags, rephotographed from a 1970s trade manual offering customizable bags for your business. Sara Cwynar’s work often addresses commercial objects and the passing of time, and I think there’s something to be said here for the vibrant plastic bag. Especially on a classic beige tote, which has an aspect of trend-based obsolesce in itself.”

Improved Wire Puzzle; Easy to Join, Easy to Separate
Jon Sasaki


“A friend gave me the Improved Wire Puzzle as a gift years ago, and it remains one of my most favourite things today. I’m typically a problem solver by nature, but lately I have no interest in pulling my hair out over puzzles or riddles. So, conversely, I love the easy-going attitude of this game. Not everything in life needs to be so damn hard.”

Maquette for an Impromptu Monument: Princess Diana Memorial Tartan
Katie Bethune-Leamen


“After Googling my heritage recently to uncover my family tartan, I discovered that I didn’t have a family tartan. And that I wasn’t actually Scottish. But since then, I’m all for appropriating a tartan and making it your own. Putting it on whatever you like. Some small polymer clay mushrooms, for instance. This tartan here is a tribute to the Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan, addressing the ethos of commercial commemoration. But I like how a plaid can create an allegiance. Know what to cling to when the rain sets in.”

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