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Tamara Faith Berger has published four novels: Lie With Me (2001), The Way of the Whore (2004), Maidenhead (2012) and Kuntalini (2016). Her first two novels were recently re-published as Little Cat (2013). She lives in Toronto.

The Book of Pleasures Chap II and III
Raoul Veneigem


“Veneigem wrote in 1979: “We mesh our desires with what is inimical to life; and we base the greater part of existence on the bloody search for profit and power. We have been doing it for centuries and we have had enough.” Trump-time seems like a good time to go back to Veneigem’s Situationist instruction to swarm civilization via extreme pleasure. Feels sympatico with 2016’s ubiquitous instruction of ‘self-care,’ but with a more substantial undergirding: “The perfect way to topple our trade-based civilizations in their final self-destructive phase. I’ll say it again: one trick is enough: free your pleasures, individually and collectively.” I’d like to know how to do this trick.”

LIES Volume II
Lies: A Journal of Materialist Feminism


“I read the radical introductory essay in the first LIES a few years ago when someone gave me a photocopy. At the time I couldn’t find out more about these underground commie queer feminist cells that passed their work around and co-operated across times zones. “We attack the legacy of racism and transphobia that has plagued feminist organization,” LIES states “and strive to develop new autonomous feminist practices that take antagonism to white supremacy and transphobia as essential parts of feminist struggle.” My fist is raised. After I read LIES II, I’m going to send it to Margaret Atwood.”

Holy Trinity Tee
Joel Gibb


“I would really like to wear the Joel Gibb Holy Trinity Tee. I want that cock-knife on my chest!”

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