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15 Sep. 2012


4:00pm - 6:0

First, *WOOD TWO*. Second part-catalog, second part-magazine, second part-annual report. Second time around the problems are all fixed. Or we failed again. But better. Wood two. Wood too. The first Wood covered two thousand and nine. This one covers two thousand and ten. With some spillage onto two thousand and eleven. We spent the rest of that year and the better part of this one on assembling and editing this retro-, intro- and pro-spective book. The cover of this one is green. Still on paper. The Blackwood tree grows thanks to the chlorophyll. Not as replete as the first Wood. Or at least not as frenetic. But we have gone further afield from the kernel of this publication series, which is to present, document and reflect the exhibitions and projects produced by the Blackwood Gallery. This time there are longer essays, more material to ruminate on. A profusion of threads are followed past their initial trigger points in our gallery spaces. A number of commissions too, specific to Wood Two, are included. Also, worthy of note, an apocryphal tone drifts through several entries (at both conceptual and concrete levels). They mine the fiction of the factual all the way to the fact of the fictional. Strawberry fields. The first Wood speculated on the eventual appearance of Wood Two. Whether it indeed exists now or not is not for us to determine. It is in your hands now. The book will be animated by an abstract attendance by Swintak whose project with Don Miller Location!Location!Location! is prominently featured in the publication.



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