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26 Feb. - 06 Apr. 2002


Yoko Ono
To coincide with the Art Gallery of Ontario¹s mounting of the career retrospective YES: Yoko Ono, Art Metropole is exhibiting almost 100 books, multiples, and audio projects by Yoko Ono, most of which are available for sale. The works span the years from 1968 to 2002 and are priced between $1and $4000. Ono exemplifies virtually every media that Art Metropole is concerned with. She has created artists’ books, multiples, conceptual art, experimental music, mail art, performance art, billboards as art, advertisements as art, experimental film, retail as art, web projects and video art. The cult of celebrity surrounding Ono has actually obscured her groundbreaking contributions to the world of contemporary art. While rarely acknowledged, Ono anticipated the conceptual art of the mid-sixties by several years, with her Instructions for Paintings in 1962.

Her 1964 artist’s book Grapefruit is one of the seminal documents of the Fluxus movement and a landmark of the genre. Her early multiples such as Mend Piece for John and A Box of Smile are also classics.

Solo, and in collaboration with John Lennon, Ono has released more than 20 influential recordings. Yoko Ono: Books and Multiples presents a cross-section of these various disciplines and illustrates how Ono’s work not only encompasses an enormous range of media and styles, but is also often at the forefront. Art Metropole is also extremely proud to announce the launch of two new multiples by Ono a postcard and button bearing the phrase “Art is A Means of Survival.” Both are available at Art Metropole for $1.00.

Thanks to Enoch Gray, Andrew Zealley and the National Gallery of Canada for the loans of materials.


Yoko Ono and Morey Chaplick model the buttons created by Yoko Ono as a fund raiser for Art Metropole. Morey and Jennifer Chaplick held a splendid dinner for Yoko to celebrate her exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario and at Art Metropole. Jordan and Dave from Art Metropole conducted private tours of Morey's exceptional collection of artists' books during the event.

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