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03 Oct. 2013

Zin Taylor: Lichen Voices / Stripes and Dots (2013)

7:00pm - 9:0

Based in Brussels, the Canadian artist Zin Taylor variously makes sculpture, drawings and videos. Writing is also central to his practice. Parallel to a number of artist books Taylor has made are a series of sculptural works the artist proposes as a form of storytelling. How else to understand his project The Story of Stripes and Dots but to “read” the eponymous objects he makes to propel it forward? Taylor conceives his sculptural components — stripes and dots in many variations — as words in a sentence, the articulation of which can be ongoing. By substituting objects for words, Taylor seeks not to assert equivalence between the two so much as establish the essentially spatialized perception he has of the way language functions.

Zin Taylor: Lichen Voices / Stripes and Dots (2013)
Copublished by Fogo Island Arts and Sternberg Press (Berlin), the publication features essays by Zoë Gray and Saelan Twerdy, and Zin Taylor in conversation with the artist, Patrick Staff, and the curator, Robin Simpson. The book also presents the artist’s portfolio An Index Describing the Individual 19 Thoughts About Stripes and Dots Arranged on a Vitrine Made of Brass and Glass.

Zin Taylor Special Fundraising Edition Lichen Voices (2013), a limited edition printwork by Zin Taylor is available for purchase. All proceeds support the Shorefast Foundation, a Canadian registered charity, which is the parent organization of Fogo Island Arts. For more information, please send enquiries to

Zin Taylor (Calgary, 1978) is an artist based in Brussels, Belgium. “Thoughts about a subject, turned into forms about a subject” is a way to describe his approach to – and use of – environments as material for sculpture and thinking. Taylor has presented solo exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. His writing and artist books have been published by Sternberg Press (Berlin), Bywater Bros. Editions (Port Colborne), Mousse Publishing (Milan), and Artforum (New York). He is represented by Jessica Bradley Gallery (Toronto) and Supportico Lopez (Berlin).

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2: Zin Taylor: Lichen Voices / Stripes and Dots (2013).

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