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06 - 30 Aug. 2014

Zine Dream 7 Window Exhibit

Collaborative installation Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta
Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk
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08 Aug. 2014
Zine Dream 7 Opening Party

08 - 10 Aug. 2014
Art Met at Zine Dream 7

A Zine Dream window by Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta. A collaborative window of larger than life wooden book sculptures exploring the form and function of zines and artist books. Three different sculptures consider some of the many forms a book can take, and celebrate the potential of printed matter as a platform for creating, sharing and circulating ideas. The sculptures represent independent publishing as a way to create an alternative to the traditional art object, encouraging experimentation in an accessible form.

Alicia Nauta is an artist living and working in Toronto. All her work is part of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe: collage, screenprinting, installation, wallpaper, books and zines, and a growing collection of found oddities for a future museum. She is a member of Punchclock, a Toronto print studio, and has taught screenprinting and other DIY workshops at the Art Gallery of Ontario as part of the AGO Youth Free After Three program. Her work has been exhibited at Printed Matter (US), Kogenchecho (JP), the Art Gallery of Ontario, Burnaby Public Library, Katherine Mulherin, Artscape Youngplace, and Art Metropole, as well as permanent wallpaper installations in several Toronto venues.


Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta collaborative window installation. Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta.

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