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15 Aug. 2015

Zine Dream 8 Opening and Launch

Noel Freibert
15 Aug. 2015
Offsite Location
Art Metropole, 1490 Dundas Street West, Toronto, M6K 1T5
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16 Aug. 2015
Art Metropole at Zine Dream 8

See you at Art Met’s table at this year’s Zine Dream zine fair!

Art Metropole is pleased to host an afternoon gathering to kick-off Zine Dream 8 and the launch of new Zine Dream editions by artists Daniel Luedtke (Chicago) and Noel Friebert (Baltimore).
The zine fair will be bigger and better than ever this year! Featuring over 90 exhibitors of self published art books, comics, crafts, music, zines and much more. The fair is PWYC and happening Sunday, August 16th from 12-7pm at the Great Hall, Toronto.
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Noel Freibert (b.1985-?) currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the editor of WEIRD Magazine and creator of the forth coming graphic novel Old Ground. His work has been shown internationally and is featured in the book collections of the Museum of Modern Art NYC and The Baltimore Museum of Art. He was named Best Comics Artist of Baltimore by the City Paper in 2014.

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