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04 Jun. 2023

Resonance Gathering

Pauline Oliveros, IONE, Christopher Willes, and Public Recordings

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Art Metropole is pleased to announce the release of a new double LP and book entitled Resonance Gathering, which centres on the music of the late avant-garde composer Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016). Organized by artist Christopher Willes and the collective Public Recordings, the publication documents a large-scale performance project of Oliveros’s music that occurred in Toronto between 2017-2019. Resonance Gathering shares audio recordings from the City Hall performance, a newly commissioned sound poem by IONE (artist and Oliveros’ spouse), new writing, a previously unpublished text by Oliveros, photography by Claire Harvie and more— in a multimodal exploration of how Oliveros’s work continues to resonate with our time.

This publication will be released on June 30th, and we will be holding an early celebration event on June 4, 1-4pm. Multiple artists involved in the project will be in attendance. Limited copies will be available for in-person purchase. The event will involve listening to excerpts of the record, a reading from the book, and Thomas Gill will DJ.

Resonance Gathering was devised by Christopher Willes. Courtesy of The Pauline Oliveros Trust. Co-produced by Christopher Willes and Public Recordings. Publication design by Jeremy McCormick. Photography by Claire Harvie. Recorded by Paul Hodge and J.L Simonson. Mix: Christopher Willes. Mastering: Brandon Hocura. Contributing Artists and Performers: Anne Bourne, Allison Cameron, Victoria Cheong, Ishan Davé, Prices Easy, Ellen Furey, Thom Gill, Claire Harvie, Ame Henderson, Ione, Brendan Jensen, Germaine Liu, Jeremy McCormick, JL Simonson, Kate Nankervis, Pauline Oliveros, Bee Pallomina, Liz Peterson, Heather Saumer, Brian Solomon, Anni Spadafora, Evan Webber, and Christopher Willes.

Created in partnership with The Pauline Oliveros Trust, The Music Gallery, Séance Centre, and Happy like a flower. With support from The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. Publicist: Riparian Media. Special thanks to Akash Bansal :) See further credits within the publication.

  1. Resonance Gathering