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11 Dec. 2014 - 31 Jan. 2015

Some New Fires

Hannah Myall
In this Series

17 Jan. 2015
New Balance

See the Some New Fires dedicated website here.

Curator: Hannah Mayall

Artists: Aubry/Broquard, Katie Bethune-Leaman, Robin Cameron, Mark Delong, Jesi the Elder, Jessica Hans, Lili Huston-Herterich, Felix Kalmenson, Parker Kay, Jimmy Limit, Eunice Luk, Jenine Marsh, Erin Jane Nelson.

With a notable shift towards the incorporation of ceramics into their practices, this exhibition allows a platform for artists of Art Metropole’s closer and wider cirlces to exhibit their work and create a dialogue surrounding this recent pull towards the medium.

For pricing information and other inqueries please contact Hannah Myall.
T: 416-703-4400 E:

This exhibition was made possible by the generous contribution of the Ontario Arts Council.


Some New Fires Ceramics Exhibition, promotional image. Parker Kay.

  1. Some New Fires Ceramics Exhibition