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Wish Lists - Andrew J Paterson

Wish Lists by Artists

Andrew J. Paterson is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video and film, musical composition, and both critical and fiction writing. His performances and videotapes have been presented and exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Paterson was formerly the lead singer and principal writer for a band called The Government, between 1977 and 1982. In 2016 Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse Publishing released Collection/ Correction; an anthology of Paterson’s writings edited by Jacob Korczynski.

“Well, greedy parasite that I am, I scan through Art Metropole’s recent offerings and these are the gems I would love for Christmas or Saturnalia or Whatever…”

Queer Scouts Merit Badge Set
Mary Tremonte


“…The Boy Scouts are exemplary of that shaky bridge between the military and the homoerotic that this and other countries are built upon. Commitment and discipline are freedom….pull up your socks everybody… not let those garters fall in times of difficulty. Yes, I have earned my stripes so please buy me a Queer Scouts Badge Merit Set.”

A bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap (lavender scent)—ALL-ONE! (Guest Soap Size)
Katie Bethune-Leaman


“Animals are smarter than their human cousins – the olfactory trumps all other factories. You are what you smell like; and I’ve always lobed sitting in the bathtub… meditating and doing other things to my body. I’ve always wanted to rub fabulous scents onto what remains of my body until there is no body nobody left. Yes, please buy me one of those All-In-One soap bars as I can never get enough of anything lavender.”

Who Is Ana Mendieta?
Caro Caron and Christine Redfern


“Well, she was and is a formidable body and performance artist who understood body as sculpture in the natural world outside the white walls and outside of so much more. Carl Andre was legitimate because he made and thus is a commodity — the same fools dismissed Ana Mendieta because she was only a (female) body and not a blue chipper. Ana’s name is so often casually dropped but maybe people should know more about her first. I’m one of those people so please buy me this book for the holiday season.”

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