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Records (After Ed Ruscha)

Eric Doeringer
Copycat Publications
Artists' Books
14 × 18 × 0.9 cm

‘Records is inspired by Ed Ruscha’s 1971 book Records, which contains photographs of 30 records from Ruscha’s collection. The left page of each spread shows an album cover, with a photograph of the corresponding vinyl LP on the right. To create my version, I collected copies of all of the records pictured in Ruscha’s book. Photographs of my records appear in the same sequence as the albums in Ruscha’s book. However, the two books are not identical — the record covers in my book show different patterns of wear, price tags, and doodles and there is some variation in the record labels (mono/stereo versions, reissues, etc.)’

  1. Records (After Ed Ruscha)

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