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Le Ralenti Énumère Les Possibles

Pascaline Knight
self published
Artists' Books
21 × 21 × 2 cm

This book was assembled and built by deconstructing several found art books, geography maps, and 1960s magazines. Removing them from their original purpose and context and rebuilding the former pages into a Search for happiness/Le ralenti énumère les possibles. These volumes are a narrative of few words alternating from French to English. The coexistence of both languages is a way to saturate the ear with multiple perspectives, a sort of visual cubism. The words and images are often sparse leaving room for interpetation. The different grids used in the book are taken from a collection of insides of envelopes. Each volume of this edition of 50 remains unique. A new meaning resulting from the random association of words and images put together out of their original context. By tightening the chroma of the book to red and pink and black, the different qualities and ages of paper stand out and make the experience of the book a fully sensual one. The process of construction used is akin to collage as drawings, text and collages were gleaned from several sketchbooks to create a narrative. The use of the risograph and silkscreen printing as a medium as well as a narrow choice of colours helps to give the volume it’s cohesiveness.

  1. Le Ralenti Énumère Les Possibles

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