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Cadavere Quotidiano

X-TRA Magazine
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11 × 18 × 1.3 cm

Thirty writers address the dead body

Conceived and organized by Paul Becker, Alex Cecchetti

and Francesco Pedraglio.

The first Project X Project Paperback

Cadavere Quotidiano is structured as a straight anthology of writers and artists preoccupied with the lumbering nature of the object and its relation to the written word.

With: Ed Atkins, Becky Beasley, Paul Becker, Matthieu Bulte, Alex Cecchetti, Arunja Cecchetti, Simone Ciclitira, M Dean, Tim Etchells, Johannes Fa, Melissa Gordon, Alex Graves, Bruce Hainley, Nadia Hebson, Fiona Jardine, Allison Katz, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Jesper List Thomsen, Shana Lutker, Nicholas Matranga, Katrina Palmer, Sion Parkinson, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Phillipson, Kit Poulson, Chris Sharp, David Steans, Joanne Tatham, Luke Williams, Jonas Zakaitis.

  1. Cadavere Quotidiano

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