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Basil AlZeri
self published
37 × 42 × 0.2 cm
Tote bag

BALZERI HAIRY BAGS are limited edition, silkscreened, tote bags made for her and him! The images come from collections of the artist’s (Basil AlZeri) bodily hair. BALZERI HAIRY BAGS are one of the few hairy multiples that have been launched since 2012.

AlZeri’s Hairy Bags are mimetic because they shift expectations as to where in the body hair is to be found. The sides of our bodies are generally speaking, not hairy, consequently, when it is seen there, it questions the basis under which our expectations lay.

By printing his hair clippings on the tote bags, AlZeri effectively succeeds in misleading the eye, even if momentarily, to believe that the body does not comply to the standards that dictate what is called the norm, and in so doing, it brings our attention to our perception of the significance of hair, of appearance and of beauty in terms of the body.

Silk-screened cotton tote bag with embossed and numbered tag.

Edition of 25


  1. Hair Bag

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