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Almut Middel: Consumidor

Textem Verlag
Artists' Books
30 × 39 × 0.4 cm
48 pages

Artist book by Almut Middel. The hand over the paper, waiting, but not thoughtfully, not to thinking afterwards; the path as short as possible, reacts on the hand on shouts, a verkoppeltes with the requirement of the moment work that is just as much and connected at all times with all sorts of inhibitions, congestion, idiosyncrasies, No-Gos and any hindrance of any kind. And forestall these attempts to wrest them Yes, the wrestling is not considered. Katha Schulte Through these pictures you can walk as if by a video game. As always, always automatically recalculated new, never equal to each other, complex level of complicated algorithms in the near future continuously strung together, there is also no way out and no end. This herbeihalluzinierten sparse landscapes of rocks, grasses, leaves, fragments of bodies, rivers and liquids, they are on the increase over the whole format of the sheet and beyond. Consumption here means to devour space in the locomotion.

Artist Book. Softcover, saddle stitched, full colour illustrations, German text.

  1. Almut Middel: Consumidor

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