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We Have Impact

Brian Boigan
Brian Boigon
Artists' Books
4 × 7 inches
342 pages
Poetry, Self-Published

Paperback, French flaps, 2014.

a book about everyday design and life,
astray verse smashed into the corridors
of meaningless things;
snow, halo, weekend…the mutiny.
And it goes like this:

…into the Mall you go,
Run past the fire
and into the mire,

keep close to your friar for,
saken the wrath of dislocation
against the grains of twisted
hallways that
end in nothing at all,
which appear like an
enchanted forest of branches,
blur in the haze of the
retail maze,

here lies retail life amidst the
twilight of depleting oxygen,
the endless corridors, outdated maps
that lie about where you are, here,

the haze of the shopping mall.
floors that reflect our sneakers.
drop dead gorgeous.

  1. Contents Under Pressure

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