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John Fahey: Paintings

Inventory Press
Artists' Books
8.8 × 11.5 inches
182 pages
Painting, Essays, Monograph

The much-revered avant-garde guitarist John Fahey (1939–2001) incorporated influences ranging from folk, blues and bluegrass to classical music, musique concrete and noise in his primarily acoustic-based compositions. Considered a legend, Fahey released upwards of three-dozen LPs in his lifetime. Relatively late in life, Fahey extended his so-called American Primitive approach beyond music into making artworks, specifically a substantial body of paintings that reference the great abstract expressionists of his time. Working out of hotel rooms and using raw materials such as found poster board and discarded spiral notebook paper, his intuitive approach created a vibrant and strong body of work. For the first time 60 artworks created from 1990 to 2000 are featured along with a concurrent exhibition at the AVA Gallery (Fall 2014). Accompanying the work is an essay by Bomb magazine writer Keith Connolly.

  1. John Fahey: Paintings

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