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The Inkiest Black

Barbara Balfour
Barbara Balfour
Artists' Books
3.5 × 20 × 1.5 cm
Fiction, Self-Published, Contemporary Art

Barbara Balfour’s latest artist book, The Inkiest Black, responds to David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest. Comprised of Needs No Introduction, Long List, Qualified Colours, and White, Black, The Inkiest Black pays precise attention to Wallace’s vocabulary, his written descriptions of colours, and the various iterations of white and black in the novel, ending with Balfour’s favourite, “the inkiest black.” For readers overwhelmed by the thought of a novel 1079 pages long, including footnotes, The Inkiest Black is a more compact tome of 140 pages that nonetheless points you in the direction of Infinite Jest.

Edition of 750.

  1. The Inkiest Black
  2. The Inkiest Black
  3. The Inkiest Black

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