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Riot Act: The G20 in Toronto

Christopher Manson & Joel Elliott
32 pages
Photography, Essays

Riot Act – The G20 in Toronto, is a short-run newspaper printed on the 5-year anniversary of the G20 Summit in Toronto. Containing an original essay by JP Elliott and photos by Christopher Manson, the publication looks back at the turmoil surrounding the 2010 G20 Toronto summit, offering a unique account of what the authors experienced that weekend, both directly and through surveying the media.

“Everything about this weekend could have been predicted: when you suspend everyday life you can’t expect normal behaviour. When you manipulate legal rights you can’t expect lawful responses. When you hold a summit for fragmented, self-serving and un-democratic purposes, you can only expect the same from your populace.”

Edition of 100, signed and numbered.

  1. riot act
  2. Riot Act
  3. Riot Act

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