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Due to Injuries...

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This publication is part of the exhibition Due to Injuries…, which was held at 221A in Vancouver from September 14-October 19, 2013. The exhibition included a collection of artworks, which were offered in the space of the gallery and one disseminated by mail; a reading and discussion group held in the offices of 221A; a talk by Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi at Simon Fraser University; and a two-part set of lectures, also presented in the space of the gallery, in response to Berardi’s talk. Available both as a print publication and online, this collection offers a transcription of Berardi’s talk and the responses to it given by Jaleh Mansoor, Enda Brophy, Cecily Nicholson, and Steve Collis.

(From the Introduction, by Brady Cranfield & Jamie Hilder)

  1. due to injuries

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