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Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind

Seth Fluker and Sheila Heti
New Documents
Artists' Books
21.5 × 29 cm
40 pages
Fiction, Photography

Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind pairs a short story by Sheila Heti with photographs by Seth Fluker. “Seth” and “Sheila” are the main characters of Heti’s abstract narrative of longing and transition, one which sets the stage for Fluker’s photographs of a wintry Toronto landscape, filled with anthropomorphized automobiles and embankments of dirty snow.

Sheila Heti is the author of seven books, including How Should a Person Be? and Women in Clothes, a collaboration with Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton. Seth Fluker is a photographer whose books include Earth People and Before Things Change. Both Heti and Fluker are based in Toronto, Canada.

Edited by Jeff Khonsary.
Designed by The Future.

Hard cover. Edition of 1000.

  1. Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind

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