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The Copier

Nicholas Gottlund and Suzanna Zak
Gottlund Verlag
Artists' Books
8 × 9.5 in
48 pages

The Copier is a lighthearted exercise in editing. It’s a way to create some distance between ourselves and our own images – to treat our own photographs as found images, while also incorporating relevant non-photographs. These ‘non-photographs’ play with the process and ideas of reproduction, hence the title The Copier“ – Nicholas Gottlund & Suzanna Zak

Digital printed, full-color. Second edition with unique hand-painted cloth cover. Stitch-bound. Edition of 100.

  1. the copier - 2nd edition - yellow cover
  2. the copier - interior 1
  3. the copier - interior 2
  4. the copier - 2nd edition - blue cover

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