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CCMC Play at Double Double: Cassette

Free Market Records
11 × 7 × 2 cm
43 minutes

Recorded live at Double Double Land in Toronto on June 23, 2010, this recording features the improv stylings of CCMC members Michael Snow on analogue synthesizer, John Oswald on alto saxophone and voice and Paul Dutton on soundsinging and harmonica.

The original CCMC formed in 1975 by Snow and four others. The trio of Paul Dutton, John Oswald, and Michael Snow have been CCMC since the mid 1990s. Together, their music features individual virtuosity and collective creativity in the spontaneous invention of shifting tapestries of texture and timbre, with process taking precedence and form evolving organically. A CD of the band’s concert performances, Accomplices, came out in 2000. This was followed in 2002 by a double CD of concerts with turntablist Christian Marclay. The trio has toured through eastern Canada, the US, and western Europe, in addition to playing often in Toronto, where they are based.

  1. ccmc plays double double

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