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Aperture 221: Performance

9.3 × 12 in
128 pgs
Contemporary Art, Performance Art, Photography

Aperture is a sophisticated guide to the world of contemporary photography that combines the finest writing with inspiring photographic portfolios. Presenting fresh perspectives accessible to the photo practitioner and the culturally curious alike, each issue examines one theme at the heart of contemporary photography, explored in two sections: Words, focused on ideas, interviews and debate, and Pictures, devoted to an immersive selection of portfolios. Columns include Redux, The Collectors, Curriculum and Object Lessons.
The Winter issue, Performance, looks at how photography can be conceived as a live performance, in addition to considering the medium’s essential role in the history of performance-based art.


For the Camera by Simon Baker

Self-Portraiture in the First-Person Age by Lauren Cornell

On Record RoseLee Goldberg and Roxana Marcoci in Conversation

Lecture as Performance by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie


Helena Almeida: Introduction by Delfim Sardo

Torbjørn Rødland: Introduction by Brian Sholis

James Welling: Dance Project

Samuel Fosso:
Introduction by Olu Oguibe

Dru Donovan: Introduction by Brian Dillon

Carrie Mae Weems: Introduction by Adrienne Edwards

Zheng Mahler

Morgan on Graham / Mangolte on Brown: Introduction by Kristin Poor

  1. aperture 221

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