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AM Poster Series 2016: Raymond Boisjoly (Framed)

Raymond Boisjoly
Art Metropole
55.8 × 40.4 cm
Silkscreen, Poster, Art Metropole Edition

Lucky Lager was originally brewed by the General Brewing Company of San Francisco. The brand has switched hands many times over the years to breweries throughout the western US and Canada, moving to cities such as Salt Lake City, Azusa, Vancouver, Washington and Edmonton. Lucky Lager regularly outsells Budweiser and other popular brands on Vancouver Island, where drinking it is sometimes considered a tradition in working class families. A Lucky Lager neon sign figures prominently in the window of an Indian bar in Kent MacKenzie’s 1959 film The Exiles about urban Indigenous peoples in Los Angeles.

This print edition was commissioned by Art Metropole on the occasion of Art Basel, 2016. Framed silkscreen print from an edition of 40, signed by the artist.

Raymond Boisjoly is an Indigenous artist of Haida descent based in Vancouver. His work has been shown in numerous galleries, museums and artist-run centres in Canada and elsewhere. Boisjoly is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studio in the Department of Visual Art and Material Practice at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He is represented by Catriona Jeffries Gallery.

  1. Raymond Boisjoly poster

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