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Modern cutie patch

ReBaie by Rebée
Rebaie by Rebée

“Be unique” : we can’t really explain it, it’s not because we’re stupid. It’s ‘be unique,’ so we wanted to spell it [uniquely].”

We don’t know about ciao
But this collection is eye-wateringly moist.
Mood? Like duck confit, it’s sophisticated but relaxed.

ReBaie by Rebée is an emerging fashion label by creative directors Cam Lee and Buzz. Buzz never salts her driveway before she tastes it. Cam lives under a rock and has the tan lines to prove it. ReBaie by Rebée is fashion about fashion. One might wear their cute clothes and successories to the mall, or anywhere else. ReBaie’s designs gently whisper “I am Fun & Funky, I am a ‘Tween machine and I don’t care.”


  1. Modern cutie patch

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