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Model Minority

Publication Studio Guelph
Artists' Books
7 × 10.5 × 0.5 in
186 pp

Model Minority is an assemblage of the readings, articles, ephemera, and archives discovered and created from Gendai Gallery’s year-long programming series issued under the same name. The book contests the self-pretence of a unified Canada build on a foundation of diversity and passive coexistence. Instead, Model Minority invites an unpacking of the construct of “Minority” outside of official state discourse to see if evidence of a more critical or even radical multiculturalism might emerge through conflict, contradiction, and solidarity, in the context of our settler-colonial legacies.

With new texts by Liz Park, Jinhan Ko, Kerri Sakamoto, Tings Chak,Vincent Tao, Dan S. Wang, and Ryan Wong; artist projects by Alvis Choi, Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, and Will Kwan; interviews with filmmakers Angad Bhallah, Christine Choy, and Min Sook Lee; reprinted texts by Mona Oikawa, Richard Day, and Gordon Pon; and a montage of historical “counter-models” about Yuri Kochiyama, The Chinese Laundry Alliance, Jesse Nishihata, and Grace Lee Boggs.

Perfect-bound books with craft paper cover, handmade at PS Guelph August 16, 2016. Black and white.

  1. Model Minority

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