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22 × 29 × 1.8 cm
236 pp
Culture, Contemporary Art

Winter 2016

Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology

Back to the not-so-distant future: The second issue of HOLO returns to the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity on November 23rd

HOLO 2 Content Overview:

Encounters —Profiles of Ryoichi Kurokawa, Vera Molnar, Jürg Lehni, Tale of Tales, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Katie Paterson, and Timo Arnall

Perspective —IF/THEN: An extensive investigation of chance, probability, and (true) randomness across 13 long and short form pieces that ponder the role of randomness in computation and culture; includes a DIY paper random number generator

Grid —A sprawling survey and nuanced critique of the artist in residency programs at leading scientific institutes including CERN, SETI, and The Smithsonian.

Frames —An exploration of VR that looks beyond isolated film and gaming experiences and speculates how the medium can alter how we see and engage the world.

Stream —A fold-out timeline of a year’s worth of art, science, and technology news accompanied by a computationally designed collage with over 2,500 images.

Cover —Guest designer Karsten Schmidt programmed a system that turned nearly two million user-generated random numbers into gorgeous glitch crystals.

Contributors: Dorothy Feaver, Michelle Kasprzak, Geoff Manaugh, Simon Parkin, Paul Prudence, Casey Reas, Jim Rossignol, Daniel Rourke, Vera Sacchetti, Daniel Shiffman, Scott Smith, Georgina Voss, Daniel West, Mitchell Whitelaw, Will Wiles

Guest Designer: Karsten Schmidt

Guest Artists: Jacopo Atzori, Ted Davis, Cedric Flazinski, Coralie Gourguechon, Eva Hillreiner, Peter Stemmler, Fanqiao Wang, Ludwig Zeller

Photographers: Anne Gabriel-Jürgens, Nina Lüth, Robin Maddock, Ye Rin Mok, Victor Nomoto, James Pearson-Howes, Rick Pushinsky, Vincent Tsang

Softcover, saddle stitch bound + ‘Cryptoclock’ paper random number generator, colour

About HOLO

Launched in 2014 by the team behind the popular blog CreativeApplications.Net, HOLO investigates the interplay of advanced technology, scientific research, and creative practice. Each issue takes you into the studios of leading artists and designers, offers a thorough analysis of timely trends and paradigms, and mixes long-form journalism with striking photography and illustration in 200+ pages of enduring print.

  1. HOLO 2

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