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Critical Ethnic Studies: Volume 2 Issue 2: What Justice Wants

University of Minnesota Press
15 × 22.7 × 1.1 cm
212 pp
Journal, Culture

Critical Ethnic Studies explores the guiding question of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association: how do the histories of colonialism and conquest, racial chattel slavery, and white supremacist patriarchies and heteronormativities affect, inspire, and unsettle scholarship and activism in the present? By decentering the nation-state as a unit of inquiry, focusing on scholarship that expands the identity rhetoric of ethnic studies, engaging in productive dialogue with indigenous studies, and making critical studies of gender and sexuality guiding intellectual forces, this journal appeals to scholars interested in the methodologies, philosophies, and discoveries of this new intellectual formation.


Editors’ Introduction
What Justice Wants by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang

Indigenous Resurgence and Co-resistance by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Killing Abstractions: Indigenous Women and Black Trans Girls Challenging Media Necropower in White Settler States by Lena Carla Palacios

The Origins, Potentials and Limits of Racial Justice by Leigh Patel and Alton Price

Accounting for Carceral Reformations: Gay and Transgender Jailing in Los Angeles as Justice Impossible by Ren-Yo Hwang

Unjust Attachments: Mourning as Antagonism in Gauri Gill’s “1984” by Balbir K. Singh

“The U.S. and Israel Make the Connections for Us”: Black–Palestinian Liberation Then and Now by Nadine Naber

Not Enough Human: At the Scenes of Indigenous and Black Dispossession by Stephanie Latty, Megan Scribe, Alena Peters, and Anthony Morgan

On Rocks and Hard Places: A Reflection on Antiblackness in Organizing against Islamophobia by Délice Mugabo

The Racial Limits of Social Justice: The Ruse of Equality of Opportunity and the Global Affirmative Action Mandate by Denise Ferreira Da Silva

Softcover, perfect bound, b&w

  1. Critical Ethnic Studies

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